Good Habits For The New Year

New year.jpg

New year's resolutions, what a scary phrase... Well at least for me. Its diets failed, books unread, money not saved and unmet goals. In the beginning, it does bring a specific motivation, but overall you mainly think of how you disappoint yourself.. Wait this is just me? Even if it is just me that finds the average new year's resolutions a bit depressing, I wanted to make a list of new year's resolutions that I felt are achievable, but challenging and hopefully helping you gain confidence with discipline (maybe creativity?). Having more time on my hands and a new year to start out fresh I wanted to make sure I would be using my time wisely and hopefully build more memories, more character and new skills! 
So here's my list of new years resolutions, I hope they challenge the way you usually choose your goals for the next year.


Utilize My City
I live in one of the greatest cities! But I rarely go down down, explore new neighborhoods, go to any of the countless amazing things free activities this city offers! So in this new year, I want to change that and genuinely get to know Chicago. This can happen in so many ways, but I am going to start by trying to visit a new coffee shop once a week. Bring my laptop and a book and just spend some time working and seeing each neighborhood.

Supporting Local Businesses
Since starting my blog (i mean the conception of its actual start) I have had a real soft spot for people that are going out and making their dreams come true! I want to be apart of helping support them and also reaping all the benefits of their creativity. Supporting local has never been easier because we now have the internet and amazing sites like Etsy! 

Try a new form exercise each month
My gym offers so many different classes, but I am just so stuck on yoga. Don't get me wrong. I love yoga and won't stop doing it, but I could try so many new things! It can be anything from pure barre to Zumba, maybe even some kickboxing! But I want to switch up the ways I am active and see if I can find another passion along with yoga!

Have more people over
Hospitality is vital to creating lasting and authentic friendships. I want this new year to have a theme of opening my home and having it be more then just somewhere you go to have dinner, but a home that people come to thrive and make lasting memories.

Invest in young people
Children, teenager, even college students. Not to always be a mentor, but to be a friend and someone just to depend upon. I want to be someone they feel they can talk to and have fun adventures! I remember all the people who were older then I was and took so much time and effort to make sure that I felt unique and important. Not that I was some kid, not a one-way street, but an actual friendship.

No more take-out!
So one problem with living in a great city is excellent food. We order takeout almost twice per week! Yes, I love to cook, but I can't make ramen or those tacos from our favorite hole in the wall. It can become so expensive and it isn't always the healthiest choice. I am not saying we aren't eating out anymore; we will go out to eat! But we must go out, no more takeout.

Cut Down On Television
It pains me to say it, but I think I need to cut back. Not go cold turkey, but cut back. Its just too much and I want this year to be productive. Goodbye Gilmore Girls, Friends, Murder She Wrote and Golden Girls.

I hope as you approach the new year, you consider resolutions that do a litter more heart work than glute work.


Happy new year and may you have a blessed and fruitful year,
Monica Rose Grant