Blogger Event Outfit Recap | Sponsored By Genevieve

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Do you ever have outfits that you can't help but relive over and over? No, that must just be me. I wanted to do a little Recap of my outfit from the blogger event I attended a few weeks ago because obsessed is an understatement. This incredible outfit was styled and brought to you by a local boutique Genevieve, who generously sponsored my outfit. 

As a career nanny, I have to be completely honest and tell you I look like garbage 85 % of my life! I love fashion and cute close as much as anyone else. But my job is very important to me and that means I need to be present with the kids I nanny and be willing to get messy when they need me too. So wearing high fashion happens mainly on nights and weekend.

With the dress code of my career being more than casual, it is more like an add for Lululemon leggings then anything else. I really take every chance to dress up! I am a serial overdresser, on almost every single occasion I am overdressed. But for this event, I wanted to portray more than my typical style. I wanted to feel polished and elegant, little did I know that Genny of Genevieve not only has impeccable taste, but she also has a way of bringing your style dreams to life. 

Genevieve is in the heart of Lincoln Square in the middle of all the action, a chic sign draws you in off the sidewalk and you get lost looking at all the beautiful clothes she has to offer

Feeling nervous about attending my first ever blogging event I knew that I needed to be more than cute, but memorable and you make your biggest first impression with your outfit. Want to learn why you need to make an excellent first impression read this post. 

After an hour of trying on outfits, we found one that was more than perfect. It was everything I was looking for; it was elegant, chic, sexy and professional in a sassy way!

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The shirt was as light as air, it subtle movement was enchanting, but it would be a crime not to go on and on about the chic detail on the neckline, simple but anything but understated. 

Now I am a leggings girl through and through! So these professional and sexy suede legging/pants had me the second I looked at them. They were flattering not only with the texture but the stitching on the pants elongated my legs and that feature alone had me swooning, can I get an amen from my other short girls! 

The small details of the outfit were all Kate Spade because frankly Kate and I have a tough and emotional relationship. It is mostly one-sided, meaning I fall into all her trends and buy another purse and Kate pretends I need more. It is a very vicious cycle.

This outfit might be one of those that I talk about when I am old and gray and (god forbid) I can no longer wear six-inch heels. But for now, I am loving this new polished Monica Rose.

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