10 Fashion Finds Under $30

10 fashion Finds.jpg

I can not belive its been a week since I started this new series! I decided to do fashion again this week because, well I really have been in a shopping mood! Stil,l with all the snow I cant stop thinking about sweaters and warm clothes. So you will see that refelcted in this weeks choices.


1- Quality
2- How long will it be in style?
3- Will it work in multiple settings? 
4- Will I wear it on days I am not feeling my hottest?

Honestly, when I am shopping these are the main things I look for, I am not into buying any article of clothing that is just cheap and will fall apart. No matter how cute it is! Here are some items I know you will love as much as I do and your wallet will love them even more!

Enjoy all these awesome sales and really check out JCrew to restock your closet and get ready for spring!!

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