10 Items under $30

10 things under $30.jpg

Happy Friday! Heres a new series you will see every Friday here on Monica Rose Grant. In these post, you will find at least five items all under $30! Because we all know how we need to keep our wallets stuffed as well as our closets, but both can be hard to manage. So I have carefully chosen these items while taking in these five factors!

1- Quality
2- How long will it be in style?
3- Will it work in multiple settings? 
4- Will I wear it on days I am not feeling my hottest?

Honestly, when I am shopping these are the main things I look for, I am not into buying any article of clothing that is just cheap and will fall apart. No matter how cute it is! Here are some items I know you will love as much as I do and your wallet will love them even more!

Enjoy some guilt-free weekend shopping! Let me know what you pick up, also don't wait to long to order! All of these items are on sale and will go fast!

Happy friday,

Monica Rose