Unique Gift Guide

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Christmas is fantastic, isn't it? How people change and become so uplifted. People all over the world all look forward and celebrate a single day! Just imagine it, all the people, all the traditions, and all the gifts. Yeah, I said it. I am not afraid to admit (you don't have to say it aloud, you can just think it) that the presents are one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Not only getting them, all though that is fun! But I love giving gifts even more, thinking of each person and trying to come up with the perfect gift that will make the most beautiful smile spread across their face!  I do like to make the gift a theme, need a few examples? One year I did a night theme for my friend Hallie, it had a beautiful nightgown, astrological painting, a book and a wishbone necklace. Or if you have a group of people to give gifts to it's good to stick to getting them all the same things! For my three brothers-in-law, I try and make sure all the gifts are equal as well as items they will like! Last year I got them mini organic colognes and coordinating sweatshirts, I don't mean to brag... but they love and wear the sweaters all the time! 

But this year I really don't have time to curate these gifts. To go through all the research and hunting to find them. So instead of a bunch of little matching presents, I decided to go for a dead ringer to start.

So here are a few lovely and incredibly unique gifts to get those special people on your list!

Air Plants

These are just the most adorable kill proof plants in the world! They are perfect for anyone's price range and come on, look at how cute these are!

Astrology Book

Yes, you are looking at this right. This is perfect for anyone with a sense of humor, or a friend that enjoys having a few drinks! Every cocktail party after we all have had a few rounds we break out this book and just have the most brilliant time! Get a bottle of wine and this book to make the perfect gift that they will keep forever (last year I purchased 5 of these delightful books).


Coach Wristlet

I received this same wristlet five years ago. It still looks new and it has to be one of the most useful accessories. You can use it as a wallet and when you don't want to carry a purse you just throw this on your wrist! It will also fit your phone perfectly.


Slip Silk Sleep Mask

Pure Luxury. These masks are beautiful and practical! Get these for that person who loves to travel, trust me they have given me the best sleep of my life on a 10-hour flight! Also, it couldn't be any better than for the person who likes to catch a lot of zzzzzs.
P.S. Isaiah loves his sleep mask, so don't just think this is for girls!


Letter Board

I have to admit when purchasing these for gifts I had to get one for myself! These will be perfect for anyone. You can put the quote of the day from your children, lyrics from your favorite song or change it to coordinate with the seasons!  


Hand Made Spice Sets

 These spices are practical, fun and so unique. The packaging is so beautiful, just add a bow and its ready to bring to the hostess. The blends and mixes are incredible!  These are perfect for aspiring the cook and the seasoned chef.
This is actually a little store in our neighborhood here in Chicago, I shop here almost weekly!

I hope these ideas help you with your gift buying this year! And if you purchase any of these, please comment and let me know what you picked out!