Mens Gift Guide

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Why is it buying gifts for guys is the most infuriating thing possible? It's either the present is way too big and way too expensive! Or the complete opposite it's way too small, and you just have to find more gifts. So I have compiled a list of gifts that have shown to be foolproof and beloved by almost any man! Now some of these are small, but they are perfect for little gifts to coworkers, cousins or anyone you don't want to get a big gift.


Ugg slippers

These are my all-time favorite slippers, and I know so many men that just fall in love! They are sturdy and well made, you can take out the trash and grab the paper in the rain without ruining a thing! 


Calvin Klein beanie

I got this for Isaiah for his birthday, and he wears it almost 24/7


Beer Glasses

For the beer connoisseur give the gift of style! These stemmed beer glasses are great barware staples and will make your nightly beer to an occasion. 

P.S. Don't forget to grab some beer to go along with the glasses!


Men's grooming gift set

A candle, soap and lip balm are just a few of the things in this gift set! Its a great gift for an even better price.


Ticket to ride

NO joke I always get board games for people who I want to play fewer video games (I am a significant hater on video games), and I think it has been pretty lucky! I have gotten it for brothers and married couples. It's a great crowd pleaser.


Sip Water Bottle

This is our absolute favorite water bottle! It's the best quilty and just the perfect companion for any activity your guy enjoys.  


Perky Jerky

Fancy, manly, high end dried meat. Need I expand more? 


Leather and cashmere gloves

I purchased these gloves for my boss,  they are so elegant and honestly so affordable!


The Slight Edge- Perfect For The Entrepreneur

This book was recommended to me as a gift by a guy friend a few years ago for a gift to Isaiah. Since receiving it Isaiah has read it multiple times and given as gifts on more than one occasion.


Cowl Neck Sweatshirt

Yes, this is a sweatshirt! All the cozy qualities of a sweatshirt, but without looking like you just gave up on style.



Please let me know if you chose any of these gifts or if you wish I would have added something else!


Happy holidays,

Monica Rose Grant