Diary Entry #1 Why did I start this?

Diary Entry #1 Why did I start this?

I have thought about starting a blog for several years; I would feel more strongly about it and start working on it then either get scared off or get too busy and decide it wasn't the right time. Well, all of a sudden my life has changed completely! I have been a full-time nanny for six years. I started when I was 16 and have been going full speed ahead in the career of my choice, and I have to say I have enjoyed every last moment, and I have honestly found my calling.


 Two months ago, the family I have worked with for the previous three years told me they would be moving across the country, and unfortunately, that means come the new year I would be out of a job. Now let me start with the not having a job isn't the scary part, I can find another job and start working in no time. Whats scary is that my entire plan had been erased and I have to start a new idea.  So what now? I like to have time to carefully think about all my options, carefully weigh every last possibility. During all of my thinking the idea of a blog swam back in, I felt ready this time, I felt excited! But a blog takes a lot of work and with a full-time job (where most of my time is spent chasing, feeding, cleaning and loving on children) I have little time to produce the kind of content I could feel proud of, so idea squashed and time to be practical. Job search starts, I have been presented a job with a family that I just adore! Kids that I have already been forming a relationship with and just love pouring my time and love into them. One major thing, it's part-time. PART-TIME! I have been working full-time since my 16th year of life, and the thought of not getting up at 5:45 am and walking to work every morning, I mean seriously I can't imagine a life where I don't go to work Every. Single. Day. But I felt a pull towards this new job, new family, and unique lifestyle. Isaiah has been more than supportive through all of this. He pushed for me to work part-time and he said "now I want you to start that Blog Monica, you're perfect for it!".. Guys he's my biggest fan and the most magnificent support system and with a little (more like GIGANTIC) push I decided to start a blog. 


The purpose of This blog is to be a creative outlet and hopefully provide something for someone. Maybe that's inspiration or instruction. Whatever this site produces, it will be full of my heart, effort and mainly just some love.


So here we go,

Monica Rose Grant